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GVP ensures that every mode of freight forwarding is secure and dedicated for our customers, thanks to a multimodal solutions design. We recognise the importance of customisation and variation in demand across various industries, and we tailor our strategies to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Our understanding of each country’s laws and documentation requirements, combined with our handling expertise, ensures a safe, error-free delivery on time, at the promised cost, and at the promised location.

Whether the shipment is inbound or outbound, we can deliver door-to-door shipments in any season, at any time, and via any route.

 Air freight 

Airfreight forwarding, being the fastest and the strongest vertical of freight forwarding, is given prime importance. It is time-saving as well as safe to send the cargo through the airways. We ensure that there is immense planning involved, along with the packaging of hazardous and fragile goods.

Road Freight

Roadways are the backbone of every nation’s logistical success. Logistics, in its purest form, must be able to deal with the complexities of road freight and excel at it. GVP has a proven track record in providing Road Solutions all over the world.


Ocean Freight

We provide end-to-end solutions with a commitment to time and cost, going beyond port-to-port transportation. There are no hidden costs; it’s just us and our desire to deliver responsibly and honestly. Volume shipping necessitates specific dimensions and capacities. GVP is known in the industry for Volume Shipping because we provide well-planned and measured solutions in terms of container capacity, size and risks.

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